Aura Reading and Healing

A step by step process to enhance your ability to read energy. You may learn ways to heal yourself as you are doing this work which is a tried and true system that is taught in many healings schools in USA and abroad.

Certified in 1992


I feel amazing and more at peace and in harmony with my body and my life. I feel more like my true self. Happy! Happy! Happy! Thank you! Amy, Florida

You have obviously trained in many disciplines to be able to explain things in a way I could understand. This deepens the path I am on. Joanne, Michigan

I am very glad that I took this course. I feel that I did a lot of work that I needed to do and it made me more energetically aware so that I can grow and evolve as I need to. Crystal, Florida

I feel empowered and the benefits were immediate. Anon, Michigan

Your energy is very soothing and teaching style non-invasive. Thank you. I learned a lot. I felt much healing energy in the room when we worked. Jane, Florida

This class changed my life. It has allowed me to open up to the inner workings within myself. I have found new understanding of the reasons for things happening in my life and the ways to deal with them. I feel that I am developing the abilities that have always been present and that I have only been able to connect with since this energy work. I feel it has given me a control panel to access my capabilities in a useful direct way. You are truly a guided instructor. May, Florida

I feel like this class was made just for me. Aimee, Michigan