A perennial seeker I have always  been curious about the mystical via dreams, visions, and synchronicity.  Know Thyself, Heal Thy Self, I AM That, Why Are We Here, Be Here Now,  traveled  thru my mind growing up.  I had many unusual experiences that I did not question, I  just observed.  Somewhere over the years I forgot about the be the  observer and am appreciative when it happens now.  We are all remembering our rich and unique heritage from the stars, our soul memory, and what it is we are here to do.

As within so without— we are the microcosm in this macrocosm and we are all in it together. “We are the ones we have been waiting for” the Hopi elders have been telling us.  It is truly time to wake up.  As one of my favorite  mystic shaman,  don Oscar Miro Quesada, says: “When we surrender the need to figure it all out, and cultivate the ability to let it all in, then our earth walk becomes a sacred dancing of healing service on the planet.  More than the world needs saving, it needs loving.”  We have plenty of role models on this earth to remind us of this by their selfless service and loving kindness. The challenge seems to be to focus on what we would like to create and find stillness in all the noise that is available to us.

In the late 80’s beloved teacher, Barbara Bowers, seer and author of ‘What Color Is Your Aura’,  rubbed my back during a workshop as I slowly and emotionally verbalized  My mission is to learn that all change is self change and teach it. This mission still rings true today. I am still  learning every day and still loving to pass on to others what I learn.  On my path I have found some tried and true processes and ways that I find make my day and support me to recognize that we are all energy,  life is sacred and we are meant to be happy.  As dream teacher and author Robert Moss says  “I give thanks for  the gifts and challenges of this life”  The challenges bring wisdom when we can step back,  breath, stay out of judgment  and not have to figure it all out.  

Certified  to teach meditation and energy healing  in the early 90’s after intensive training and apprenticeship, I continued  to explore multiple healing modalities to enhance my own self care  and what I can offer others.  I am definitely  a butterfly in this garden we share and enjoy passing on to others what I have discovered.  There  is love, support, and reciprocity all around us when we open to perceive and receive.  Life is truly magical and mysterious.   Munay Manta. 

OM Mani Padme Hum

May the Jewel of the Lotus descend into your Heart

Member of SHES – International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards

Cross Cultural Shamanism, Pachacuti Mesa Tradition

Dream Ambassador