Energy Readings and Healings

Consultations are done distant via telephone or Zoom by appointment. We begin the session by creating a sacred and safe space. You may want to light a candle, have a journal, water, or tea and be some place where you will not be disturbed for 60-90 minutes. As you focus on what it is that you would like more clarity on, I do a scan of your aura or energy field; which weaves in and around your body. I am shown what is up for you at this time. We discuss it if you choose and then move on to what appears next. I share with you what I receive and do my best to leave the interpretation to you as we explore what you would like to release and what you would like to enhance. Your inner wisdom is always your guiding light with what processes we engage in, what you choose to show me in spirit, and ultimately what works for you to embrace, reject or put aside for another time.

I agree with Buckmister Fuller when he said that “If you want to know the future, invent it”. There are often many possibilities for outcomes especially when it concerns other people.

Following the energy, redirecting your focus, and taking steps towards what you wish to create exercises your super power of choice and your connection with your own inner knowing. Stress, childhood or even other lifetime trauma and intense events and experiences may have caused discordant patterns and uncertainty. We may work with core issues and releasing what no longer serves you and bringing your energy back to you for more ease, creativity, and inner peace in your life .

I ask your guides, guardians and spirit ally for guidance and confirmation along the way. I ask that the God of my heart communicate to the God of your heart and give me information to share with you. You have to decide if that information works for you and let what does not go as you are your own inner authority. I work with color, sound, my own wisdom and knowing, channeling, changing beliefs, and a kaleidoscope of energy healing processes. You may hear me humming, toning, breathing, shaking rattles, using chimes or other instruments. Flower essences*, herbs*, gemstones*, mantras, breathing sequences, and journeying may be suggested to assist you on your life path. Contact me to schedule an appointment. Please note that * actual essences, herbs and gemstones are not included

In the book, The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth via Jane Roberts says: “Tell yourself this often: My Life Is Mine And I Form It.……Create your own life now, using your beliefs as an artist uses color…..You are given the gift of the gods; you create your reality according to your beliefs; yours is the creative energy that makes your world; there are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.”


I have validation, I have insight, I have support, I have a plan. I know a lot of healers and I love working with Julia. Curtrice, LA/ Detroit

Before and after my baby was born I started getting mommy anxieties. Feelings that had little merit but would plague me for days. Julia’s meditations grounded me and helped me get rid of energy that was bothering me or no longer suiting me before, so I knew I could count on her. After every session I felt more and more myself and more confident and relaxed. Peeling back the layers of reasons for anxieties and finding relaxation techniques that worked for me. The guided meditations are one of my very favorites and the energy clearings. Darby, Florida

Such a wonderful reading. I cried for a bit afterward, certainly not in sadness but for an overwhelming joy. My meditation before sleeping that night was so deep, taking me to those needing help to pass from the 4th dimension. People I’ve known, but never close with. Two days have passed and I recognize how l needed this soul reading. I am familiar with the blue bird people. I had forgotten that I’d seen them before. Sandra, Michigan

I have had the pleasure of working with Julia once a week for the past 6 months. She has helped me to improve my confidence, insight and alignment in many different areas of my life. From business support to emotional support, I have found Julia’s work to be incredibly powerful. She is highly intuitive, knowledgeable and has a wonderful ability to hit the nail on the head in each healing. Her wealth of experience and training in different modalities allows her to work in a very dynamic way. She is also very caring, nurturing and playful. I look forward to working with Julia for years to come and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal coach. Veronica, UK

My session with Julia was a memorable moment in which we both worked together: I listened to her unwind the threads of my life while I kept weaving and putting together a beautiful tapestry that contains my souls’ journey. Julia’s reading had a unique flavour as she combined energy work and sound to move away blocks and release energy while providing helpful insights focusing on areas in which I could bring improvement into my life and relationships. She also offered me several insights into future experiences. It felt like a treat to myself and I highly recommend it. Patricia, Switzerland